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Re: Modeling of Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation for Cell Life Assessment



  • Sdrickert01

    I am impressed at how well you guys know your stuff. Most app developers have no idea about the tech or science behind thier products. I am very impressed with your knowledge level. Thanks.

  • Ignacio Galiano

    Hi there,

    thanks for taking your work seriously and data-driven.

    I particularly like the normalization vs. work done you guys do.

    Could you please clarify on this statement?

    "As you can see, in this model, the loss is with the 100-25 cycle, or alternatively, the 75-25 cycle. It is unfortunate this information is so hidden in this paper."

    As I understand, the lowest "Cap loss per 1k work", the more work you can do without loosing capacity. Why is the best case not the one with the lowest value in this ratio?



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