Thank you volunteer translators!

A huge thank you to our awesome volunteers for helping us translate AccuBattery. With your help everyone can now enjoy AccuBattery in their local language.


Arabic: Maher

Bulgarian: Ivanov

Catalan: Adrián Toporcer

Croatian: Patrik Horvat, Ivan Krušlin, Matej Vilić

Czech: Petr Janík


Farsi: Arman Bagherinejad

Finnish: Olli Pulkkinen,

French: Alexandre Ben el Hiouel, Gautier Salles, Sebastien B

German: Jan Feuerbacher, Alexander Baumann, Timon Freitag

Greek: Yanni Papaioannou, George Karalis

Hebrew: Igal Shevchenko, David Nachmani, Guy Goldgart

Hindi: Akhil Khandelwal

Hungarian: Adam Egyed, Gergely Biró, Zoltán Pogrányi, Csaba Herceg

Indonesian: Ronnie Tantriady, Yuda Prasetya Nugraha, Muel Yo, Robby Rahman Kusuma

Italian: Daniele Galati, Roberto Bonato

Japanese: Zhiyi Huang, Akihiro Ogawa

Korean: Zblue07

*Malay: Alex, Mohd Zulhilmi Bin Mohd Zain, Muhammad

Norwegian: Viking, Elling Strand

Polish: Robet Portée, Probierz Patryk, Norbert Szulc

Portuguese (Brazil) Igor Susky, Davi Mourão, Ibraim

Portuguese (Portugal): Luis Silva, Lippe35

Romanian: Angheluță Marius-Gabriel

Russian: Yury Ivashchenko, Максим Шамов, Slava Borisov, Constantine Vorobyov

Serbian: Nemanja Bračko, Marko Branovic & Miloš Branović, Saša Počuča

Slovenian: fly2matic

Spanish: Álex Muñoz Rodríguez, Adrián Toporcer

Simplified Chinese: Zhengxing Li, Bennie Su, Zhiyi Huang, Bokang Zhu

Slovak: Vladimír Kubala, Martin Jurík, Damian Paranic

Swedish: Stefan Esselius

Tamil: Madhesh Kumar

Thai: Xyteton, Thosapon Chanruang, Jade

Traditional Chinese: 昕, Bokang Zhu

Turkish: Emre Basaran, Muhammed ikbal Karakaya, Ahmet Önder Gür

Ukrainian: Макс Комбаров, Slava Borisov, Artem Polivanchuk


Vietnamese: Ngoc Nguyen


Languages with a * in front are incomplete and could still use a bit more help, while the others are (nearly) completely translated. There are some strings in the settings menu that are not yet translatable in any language though so they will show up in English for everyone, these will be edited in the future.

Are you also interested in helping us translate or improve our translations? We’d love to hear from you at

If the language you'd like to add is not listed above you can still email us to let us know you're interested. When it becomes possible to add that language we can then contact you to see if you're still available to help out.


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