How to take a bug report (4.1.2+)

On Android devices running version 4.1.2 or higher, you can generate system bug reports that contain much more information than a standard crash report to help us track down issues without an obvious cause. To take a bug report, please follow these steps:

1. Reproduce the issue/bug

2. Open the device's Settings screen


3. If Developer Option is not enabled yet, enable it first

3a. Go to the bottom of the settings menu, tap About Phone, then tap Software information


3b. Then tap the Build number 7 times. This enables the developer options menu. After this,press back twice to get back to the main menu.


4. Open the Developer Options menu at the bottom of the main settings screen


5. On the developer options screen, first, enable the developer options with the switch on the top right, then, if Take bug report is still grayed out, enable USB debugging too. 


4. Tap Take Bug Report. This takes several minutes to complete.

5. Wait a minute or two, the device is now gathering data and zipping it into a package

6. A dialog will open where you can choose the program to email the file, send it to

7. If our support staff asked you to send the bug report, please also let us know in an email reply that it's been sent so we know to look for it. 

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