About "time remaining" estimates

The time remaining estimates in AccuBattery are exclusive times, what this means will be explained next with an example.

Data measurements

AccuBattery gathers data in the background about screen on and off power usage. We'll use the following values as an example:

Screen on 50% in 5 hours 10% per hour
Screen off 30% in 15 hours 2% per hour
Combined 80% in 20 hours 4% per hour

Exclusive time estimates

Using the per hour drain rate calculated in the previous section, we can now show you how long the battery will last with screen on or off. Exclusive in this context means it's either screen on or screen off, not on + off.

Example: 20% remaining

Screen on: 20% / 10% per hour = 2 hours of screen on time remaining.
Screen off: 20% / 2% per hour = 10 hours of standby time remaining.

But it is: 2 hours of screen on OR 10 hours of standby, not both at the same time.

For combined use, the estimated time remaining is

20% / 4% per hour = 5 hours, with (5/20 x 5 hours) = 1.25 hours of screen on time AND (15/20 x 5 hours) = 3.75 hours of screen off time.

Full battery time estimates

Currently, in AccuBattery, the full battery time estimates are based on 100% screen on usage, OR 100% standby usage. This is less useful than the combined use and how much of that is screen on or off, we'll change it in a future version to show more usable data.

It's now technically correct, but as usage is always a combination of screen on and off, you won't be able to reach the time shown in the full battery screen on time estimate.

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