Why are some data values missing?

To check if power usage / charge speed measurements work, please go to the top of the charging screen and check if the "current" field shows any number. If that works, everything should be fine. If it's at 0 it means the battery current information cannot be detected for your device. Please send us an email with your phone model and Android version so we can look into it.

-Battery Capacity estimate in Charging tab

Please keep the device plugged in, after 5%+ it should show a number. We don't show an estimate below that as it is too inaccurate.

-App usage in mAh in Discharging / Foreground app battery usage in Discharging tab

Please find the green tip card in the discharging screen and follow the steps to grant the app usage stats permission. If you've already done that, wait for at least 15 minutes, Android delays this data to protect your privacy. (If you dismissed the tip cards earlier: go to the right hand menu > settings > unhide all tip cards)

-Anything in the Health tab

We only use charge cycles with at least 20% charged for estimations, less is inaccurate. Try just using your tablet for a few days and check if it has gathered any data. The rejected charge samples are shown in the scatter plot as grey dots and should get updated with each charge session.


If you are unable to grant usage permissions please see: https://accubattery.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211909245-Unable-to-grant-usage-stats-permission

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